Blog and Report
We send a reporter to your event who is a skilled writer and knows poker. They update your blog and social media throughout the event including photos and chip counts. Includes promotions through our social media.

Live Broadcasting
Includes two live reporters and a live final table broadcast with hole cards and commentary. We can also embed the twitch feed in your webpage or facebook page. Includes commercials, custom twitch overlay, and promotion to follows on our channel.

Deluxe Broadcasting
Same as above, but includes three people on site, constant event coverage, multiple produced commercials, a daily podcast, and more. This is the ultimate package to make your players feel like superstars and ensure that your event is seen all over the world.


We can create a professional facebook page, promote it, and update it weekly so that all of your customers stay up to date.

Poker players love twitter. Having them retweeting and commenting on your twitter account is a great way to engage with your base. We can create a good looking account and manage it with timed tweets every day.

We would love to help you get in on the next big thing in gaming. Twitch has millions of viewers and poker broadcasts are growing fast. We would love to create a custom twitch layout including your logos for a professional look on every broadcast.

Do you need a place to post your promotions, big events, and news? We’re happy to create and update a website hosted on our servers or yours.

Full Social Media Package
This package bundles Facebook, Twitter, and either Twitch or a blog all in one. This allows us to cross post between them and get the most out of each medium.

Social Media + Promotion Package
This covers all of our social media offerings above with regular updates, two blog posts per month, and mentions of your upcoming events on our own social media for significantly increased exposure.


Promotion Package
Promotion for six weeks ahead of your event on our social media and broadcasts. This includes mentions during our final table broadcasts when poker players watch the most. This package will increase the size of your tournament fields significantly and bring new players into your card room.

Live Seminar
A seminar with author, poker coach, and world champion Chris ‘Fox’ Wallace for your players. You can sell as many seats as you like for whatever price you like. Can be available at no cost if we sell the seats in conjunction with a broadcast package.


We offer more value than anyone in the business because we have the best technology and the best people. Whether we are broadcasting your final table, hosting your website, or handling your social media account, we can create a spectacular product. Contact us at blindstraddle@gmail.com for a quote tailored to your specific needs.